Improve Your Maths Marks

  • Success in maths depends on being able to practice effectively! Once a student falls behind, he or she struggles to keep up with classes and homework. Often such a student will eventually give up trying. The problem then escalates to the point were they are no longer able to help themselves, even if they were to try extremely hard. Consequently they fall further and further behind. They need someone who can guide them out of such a situation. Individual tuition is wonderful for getting students back on track quickly so that they can practice productively and effectively again.

  • Maths is a building block subject. Often a student misses out on a crucial or basic section, which results in them falling behind. With individual tuition, background issues that cannot be resolved in the classroom are easily dealt with.

  • Students may not feel comfortable asking questions in the classroom. With individual tuition its easy to ask questions, and the questions are answered immediately and specifically for the student, and backed up with notes and homework.

  • Students frequently fall behind with notes in the classroom. With individual tuition, notes can be individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the student, and homework is targeted at individual problem areas.

  • It’s important that students keep up to date with their maths course. Individual tuition can ensure that any doubts and questions that occur are effectively dealt with as they arise. As the student progresses, so does his/her self-esteem and confidence, and their consequent ability to achieve consistently good marks.


Completing Your Pre - OBE Matric? 

Mid-year examinations on the pre-OBE syllabus will run until 2011 for students wishing to either repeat such examinations or to write them for the first time in order to complete their Senior Certificate .

Mondays to Saturdays mornings  classes take place that prepare students for the coming Matric Maths Supplementary exams in May / June:
Both the Higher Grade and Standard Grade syllabi are catered for. 

Contact me to arrange alternative times if you cannot make these times.
  • Notes are provided and homework is given and marked in the class.
  • From time to time tests and past exam papers are given and marked in the class.

The dates for the 2009 Maths Supplementary exams will be published by WCED in April 2009. The 2009 Maths Supplementary exams are expected to be on or around the following dates:

HG & SG Paper 1: 9th May 2009
HG & SG Paper 2: 12th May 2009 


Writing Supps in Maths?

On Mondays to Saturdays 10.30am to 2.30pm mornings classes take place, from January through February, that prepare students who wish to improve their end of year matric maths and maths literacy marks, for the Matric Maths Supplementary Examinations, new OBE syllabus, that take place in late February / early March.

Contact me to arrange alternative times if you cannot make these times.

  • Notes are provided and homework is given and marked with the students in the classroom
  • Weekly tests are given and marked in the classroom


About The Tutor

My name is Cheryl Wagener. I have 15 years of very successful experience in individual tuition, with a variety of students. My academic background is a B. Sc. Degree in maths.
I taught the old syllabus (Pre-OBE) for 13 years: From young students in gr1 and 2,to matric HG and SG and Admath. I found I had equal success with both the younger and the more mature students.

For the new syllabus I teach all grades from grade 1 to matric, both Maths, including paper 3, and Maths Lit, and Additional Mathematics. Classes take place in Kenilworth, Southern Subs., Cape Town. (I have moved from Tokai and will be in Kenilworth as of 2009)


084 439 37 25

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